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Trends in RV Design

The RVs we have come to love today are equipped with myriad modern amenities for optimal convenience, utility and enjoyment. These innovations have evolved since the first RV hit the road in 1915, traveling from New York to San Francisco in a 25 foot motorbus, which they had converted into a home. The original RV was designed with the same principles in mind that guide current trends; the perfect fusion of luxury and roughing it, making it easier to commune with nature and the freedom of being at home anywhere you go. Check out some of the latest trends in RV design:

Maximizing Vertical Space

Making the most of a small space has always been part of the joy and the challenge of RV living. One of the most effective strategies for optimizing space is making the most of the vertical dimension in your RV. Overhead storage is a great way to keep every precious square foot of floor space.

Incorporating Nature

If you own an RV, chances are you love nature and wanted to get closer to it. Your RV’s interior should reflect this love of nature, and there are several design elements to help you achieve an earthy aesthetic. You can install skylights in your RV to allow for more natural light to enter your space. Decorate with plants, which you can easily hang from the ceiling, to avoid taking up floor space. RV decks and awnings also create the ideal conditions for indoor/outdoor living.

Full Size Appliances

A current trend in RV living is to prioritize the amount of space allotted to the kitchen. While we choose RV living with a readiness to rough it, the kitchen remains the heart of the home, and our meals are not something we’re willing to compromise. You would be surprised by how easy it is to incorporate a full-size refrigerator and range into an RV space. Expanding kitchen counter space provides more area for food prep, but can also function as a multipurpose surface for other needs, such as writing and crafts.

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